Quay Headings

Our Engineers have undertaken numerous appraisals of quay headings, from shallow inland waterways, to deep river ports and harbours with depths in excess of 7m. Appraisals are undertaken by qualified Engineers, coordinating dive teams, who carry out visual appraisals and tactile examinations, above and below the water line.

Appraisals include pre-acquisition reports, condition surveys for planned maintenance and following vessel impacts, as well as specific defect investigation such as for deterioration due to "accelerated low water corrosion" (ALC).

Investigations can include: soundings; recording topographical and structural features; metal thickness testing; site investigation, boreholes, trial pits, etc; contamination appraisals and investigations; exploratory investigations of tie rods and other features, and analysis of behaviour and calculation checks.

Our Engineers have undertaken schemes for the replacement of quay headings for inland waterways and harbours, following emergency works or appraisals. We work closely with the client to establish a strategy for repairs, replacement or monitoring, taking into account economic, environmental and commercial considerations. Reconstruction is not always appropriate, viable or desirable.