The "Green Guide" (Guide to Safety of Sports Grounds - 5th Edition) outlines the approach to undertaking annual inspections and structural appraisals of stadia and sports grounds.  Designated and Regulated Stands to football grounds, greyhound stadiums, race courses, and motorsport facilities and similar venues, need to be the subject of detailed scrutiny for compliance. Technicus' structural appraisals adopt a pragmatic, risk based approach to identifying and addressing public safety issues.

We can assist management teams address many issues, taking a risk based approach to carrying out inspections and appraisals.  We recognise the uniqueness of each site and the need to provide a tailored service to meet the needs of specific sports grounds.

Technicus has experienced Structural Engineers and Building Surveyors able to carry out the necessary inspections an structural appraisals to ensure the welfare of sports spectators and compliance for site owners.  Our comprehensive Annual Inspection Reports link the condition of structures and installations, with specific reference to public safety, to general maintenance, and an overview of perceived potential risks posed by hazards, recommendations for remedial actions with time scales, and advice on (P) factors.

Case Studies detailing various projects that we have worked on, and the services supplied, can be found HERE listed by sector.